Ezoic Announces New Certified Seamless Partners to Help Customers With Hosting & More

Ezoic Announces New Certified Seamless Partners to Help Customers With Hosting _ More

Ezoic, the leading A.I. technology for online publishers and websites monetizing content with display ads, has unveiled their first group of Certified Seamless partners, which includes some of the web’s most popular hosts, CDNs, and technologies. The program includes digital infrastructure staples like Cloudflare, Kinsta, and BitNinja, among many others.

Ezoic’s new Certified Seamless program intends to make it easy for Ezoic users to easily locate reliable technologies to use alongside Ezoic to ensure their websites are fast, secure, and ahead of industry trends and regulations.

“The web grows more complex for publishers everyday and decisions that take away their focus from being able to run their business is something we can help with,” said Tyler Bishop, Chief Marketing Officer at Ezoic. “Our Certified Seamless partners program provides our customer base with an easy way to identify technology stacks that work synergistically together.”

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The technologies currently listed on Ezoic’s seamless technologies page include:  A2Hosting, Amazon Lightsail, Cloudflare, Kinsta, Krystal, Siteground, and website security company, BitNinja Technologies.

“Not only can we easily identify the technologies that will work best for our customers, but we can monitor the performance and consistency of these technologies across tens of thousands of sites,” said Bishop. As Ezoic continues to evaluate and add new partners to the program, the company is encouraging web hosts, CDNs, and other technologies to get in touch.

“We’ve received a lot of interest about joining the program from hosts, WordPress developers, and other web technologies since announcing the program. We have a very large and diverse group of customers and I think there is a lot of interest in working together to deliver publishers something that is most often accomplished by trial and error today,” Bishop finished.

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