Exclaimer Amplifies Digital Communication With Addition of New Social Feeds Feature to Email Signatures


Exclaimer, the leading email signature management platform, today launches its Social Feeds feature, enabling organizations to embed their social media posts directly into their email signatures.

Over half (52%) of US consumers prefer to communicate with a business through email and 75% of US marketers have indicated that they want to explore social media further.1 At the same time, almost half (48%) of UK marketers consider one-to-one emails their company’s primary communication channel.2 Exclaimer’s new Social Feeds feature gives businesses the opportunity to align these channels further to create a more seamless customer experience and help businesses maximize their ROI whilst increasing brand engagement.

“While organizations are continuing to look for ways to increase engagement with customers and offer them a more human and personalized experience, it remains crucial to work smarter and do more with less. Business tools need to evolve and adapt to meet these needs, and email signature solutions are no exception,” comments Vicky Wills, Chief Technology Officer at Exclaimer.

“Our Social Feeds feature helps companies maximize every 1-2-1 engagement opportunity by giving them a way to marry up social and email communications. We’re thrilled to launch our Social Feeds feature with Facebook and look forward to including additional social media platforms in the future. This is just one example of how Exclaimer has listened to its customers and evaluated the market to enhance our solution.”

The new Social Feeds feature enables organizations to:

  • Expand social media marketing reach for existing campaigns by automatically inserting social media posts within email signatures to increase exposure and engagement with a wider audience.
  • Create more interactive and visually appealing email signatures to increase engagement and click-throughs to websites and social pages.
  • Measure performance by analyzing how effectively email signatures convert recipients to click-through and read posts. With these insights, customers can discover what performs well and tailor future content for the greatest effect.

Exclaimer will also roll out further additional product features to empower organisations to boost and streamline their marketing efforts. These include Salesforce integration to more accurately target content in email signatures based on buying or customer journey stage. A new Campaign Management feature will enable brands to more easily and rapidly align email signature messaging with other promotional campaigns for optimal performance.

Further recently launched features to enhance personal communications between organizations and their customers, prospects and partners include:

  • QR Codes for users to add hyperlinks as scannable QR codes to their signatures to increase engagement, improve lead generation, and provide an easier method to interact through mobile devices.
  • vCards (similar to a traditional business card) that allow customers to add centrally controlled employee contact information to signatures that recipients can scan to save directly to their device contacts.
  • Photo Sync to automatically synchronize employee photos from a user directory and add them to signatures to help build personal connections by putting a face to a name.

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Exclaimer has been providing advanced email signature solutions to a global customer base of over 60,000 businesses since 2001, including big players like Sony, Mattel, NBC, the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, and the BBC. These latest product updates are intended to reinforce email signatures as a marketing tool to prospects and add value to existing customers in a world where getting your message across in a cost-effective way is more challenging than ever.

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