EX.CO Launches New Addition to its Content Technology that Accelerates Personalized Product Matching

EX.CO Launches New Addition to its Content Technology that Accelerates Personalized Product Matching

Journey is an innovative decision-tree content experience with a personalized customer journey that allows businesses to easily match consumers with relevant product recommendations

EX.CO – The Experience Company, a leading global content technology, today announced the launch of Journey, a decision tree-style content experience on the company’s interactive content creation suite. With Journey’s unmatched ability to adapt to a user’s responses, the new technology is poised to offer brands the capability to make their digital content stand out and inspire conversions amongst discerning consumers in time for the holiday season.

Already tested and loved by leading brands such as Sky TV, Journey offers the most cutting edge approach to content personalization. Using smart technology, Journey truly helps brands open up a dialogue with consumers, match them with the right product offerings in real-time while they are engaged and interested, and gain invaluable first-hand reported insights that can immediately be activated upon for comprehensive consumer profiles, audience segmentation and retargeting capabilities.

Sky TV partnered with EX.CO for a recent Netflix campaign in which they used the Journey feature to pair users with specific TV shows based on their respective responses to questions about their day. The content stood out to target audiences, resulting in an impressive Nielsen Brand Uplift score of 1120% vs. the average 10.2% for entertainment campaigns, a Click-Through-Rate of 9% (well above the industry recognized benchmark of 1%), and a Completion Rate of 84.3%. Sky and Netflix then were able to earn typically-hard-to-gather insights. For instance, of the users who said they were looking for ‘Something Interesting’ to watch only 5% said something with ‘cute animals’ would keep them hooked vs. 77% who indicated that ‘mysteries and intrigue’ would fit the bill.

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EX.CO was chosen as a partner for the Sky & Netflix Summer campaign to help drive engagement with our target audience, in a tone of voice and format that resonated with them. We were thrilled that the unique nature of Journey and The EX.CO Platform allowed us to interact with our audience in a totally new, hyper-personalized way and ultimately shed light on what our audience wanted to enjoy,” said Roshni Tulsiani, Senior Media & Marketing Manager at Sky TV. “We are beyond delighted at the amazing results EX.CO has driven for us, which have surpassed all benchmarks.”

“Companies around the world are turning to EX.CO to create effective content that grabs digitally savvy audiences’ attention,” said Tom Pachys, CEO & Founder of EX.CO. “All of the tools on The EX.CO Platform, including Journey, help businesses differentiate themselves, engage with their customers while learning about their preferences, and ultimately drive sales.”

With Journey, each question presented to the user changes based on their previous response, creating a personalized and scalable “choose your own adventure” experience, and making it ideal for matching specific results, such as product recommendations, with users based on their unique series of responses. Journey is easily embeddable on any owned digital asset including websites, in apps or landing pages. CTA buttons and lead forms can be automatically integrated into Journey experiences leading consumers from the consideration stage of the sales funnel to the conversion stage. To see an example of Journey and to learn more about EX.CO

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