Evergent integrates its AI-driven Offer Management solution with Microsoft Azure AI to Maximize Subscriber Retention

Evergent, AI, Microsoft Azure

Evergent, a market-leading provider of solutions for Revenue and Customer Lifecycle Management, announced how its Artificial-Intelligence (AI) Service using Microsoft Azure AI can help Digital Service Providers reduce churn and manage ROI spend.

The Evergent platform is now integrated with Microsoft Azure AI to enable premium-entertainment service providers to:

  • Reduce churn by continuously understanding the consumer buying journey from multiple sales-channels, and target consumer-specific packages and offers.
  • Acquire and retain customers faster through conversational logic to help drive more predictive products and promotions.
  • Prevent revenue loss by continuously keeping consumers engaged with new bundles and offers.

“With consumers having a multitude of choices to select their premium entertainment options, we help Digital Service Providers maximize their revenue by learning more about customers’ indirect and direct buying behavior and targeting offers and promotions that are unique for every consumer,” said Vijay Sajja, Evergent CEO. “Like Microsoft, we create powerful experiences that enable consumers to feel they are in control of their premium entertainment subscriptions – and with speed and agility.”