EU Instructs Facebook to Clear T&Cs in Europe

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Facebook has agreed to update its policies on T&Cs to make it clear to users how their personal data is used. The social media giant has agreed to modify its terms and conditions after the concerns raised by the European Commission.

The new terms simplify how user data is shared with third parties, to be used to sell targeted ads. It also explains how users can close their FB accounts if they want, and mention the reason for disabling the account.

“Facebook will introduce new text in its Terms and Services explaining that it does not charge users for its services in return for users’ agreement to share their data and to be exposed to commercial advertisements. Facebook’s terms will now clearly explain that their business model relies on selling targeted advertising services to traders by using the data from the profiles of its users.” Facebook Spokesperson said.

The Commission says it expects Facebook to make all the changes by the end of June at the latest — warning that the implementation will be closely monitored.