Established Zilliant Sales IQ™ Customer Digi-Key Announces Price IQ™, Price Manager™ and IQ Anywhere™ are Now Deployed

Zilliant sales IQ

Electronic components distributor is poised for real-time pricing and quoting response to customers in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Zilliant, the industry leader in intelligent B2B price optimization, price management and sales guidance software, today announced that established Sales IQ customer Digi-Key, has deployed Price IQ, Price Manager, and IQ Anywhere in its business. This marks a significant expansion in the long-standing partnership; Digi-Key has been a Sales IQ customer since 2012.

With this expanded solution set, Digi-Key is well positioned to respond faster and more consistently to customers’ pricing and quote requests. The strategic move is well-aligned with Digi-Key’s commitment to working tirelessly to provide the world’s largest selection of electronic components in stock and available for immediate shipment.

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“Our investment in inventory and world class distribution capabilities had us well positioned to support our existing and new customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our decision to reimagine our pricing and quoting capabilities with Zilliant’s proven solutions enables us to quote smarter and faster, ensuring we respond quickly and consistently to customer requests,” said Digi-Key executive vice president of operations, Linda Johnson.

“Zilliant analyzed Digi-Key’s extensive product catalog to deliver a tailored pricing experience to drive a better customer experience.  They were able to navigate our complex business processes and custom pricing rules to provide consistency and data-driven improvements to our pricing strategy.”

Digi-Key first deployed Sales IQ in 2012 to provide its sales team with actionable insights that help them reduce customer churn and suggest additional items tailored to each customer. With this guidance, the Digi-Key sales team has a better understanding of customer potential and can craft customer-specific action plans to have highly personalized conversations with each unique customer.

“Digi-Key has been an excellent partner to Zilliant for nearly a decade,” said Zilliant President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Peters. “Helping them reimagine what else is possible to better serve their own customers has been immensely rewarding and we look forward to many more years of partnership.”