Eric Porat is Revolutionizing the Ad-tech industry with One Acquire Media

Eric Porat is Revolutionizing the Ad-tech industry with One Acquire Media

Eric Porat, a digital marketing expert and online entrepreneur, is determined to change the online advertising industry and make it easy for advertisers to get their products in front of interested potential customers. One Acquire Media is set to launch a revolutionary new feature for advertisers in mid-November – they will be able to target consumers in “real-time” based on the products they search for. This gives advertisers the opportunity to competitively bid on these users in order to increase the conversions and potential sales.

The concept, easy in theory, is unbelievably hard to create in real life. “I always had this idea that online advertising could be much easier, just like online shopping. Any advertiser can register on our platform, and easily pick the perfect fit for their advertising needs.” – Eric Porat

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One Acquire Media, founded in 2019, is an online advertising platform selling high-quality traffic and ad placements to more than 60 advertisers. Eric Mitchell Porat’s idea was to seamlessly connect end users to advertisers, displaying relevant products without disrupting their user experience.

Eric Porat started his journey as an online entrepreneur in the early 2000’s by creating his own blog. Soon he discovered the market of buying and selling websites, and has been successfully doing that for over a decade now. Eric has bought and sold websites worth $659,000 on Flippa (one of the most popular websites flipping platforms). In a recent article featured on, Porat talked about his journey over two decades, to evolve as a leader in the online business and ad-tech startup space. Now he tries to inspire and help other online entrepreneurs in their journey towards success. He also warns against get rich fast schemes.

“This is the truth that none of the ‘gurus’ trying to sell their courses will tell you. The reality is that the internet has gotten hyper-competitive over the last two decades, and you can’t possibly compete if you haven’t mastered at least one skill. It can be Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, PPC, Email), development (front-end, backend, AI, ML, data science), analytics – anything that will give you an edge over your future competition,” Porat explained. “I am a big supporter of learning by doing, and that’s why I think that the best way to start is to create your own website.”

Soon thereafter, Eric Porat decided to re-launch This project is very intriguing as it has great aspirations. This startup will allow users to compete with one another and with Eric’s background, it’s sure to gain traction fairly quickly.

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