Jack Kelleher, former president of MidAmerican Energy Services, and Keith Gipson, CEO and CTO of facil.ai, named first two members after decades of proven energy management and solutions excellence

EOS Labs, the utility data analytics leader behind metering Utility Financial Intelligence™ (UFIQ™) technology that transforms raw interval data into active, contextualized, customer-centric information, today announced the launch of the EOS Labs Advisory Board. This esteemed group will help EOS Labs continue to uplift its data intelligence technology, identify ways to improve customer satisfaction and engagement, promote business intelligence across the utility enterprise and open up opportunities for energy savings.

In addition to the development of the Advisory Board, EOS Labs has appointed its first two members, Jack Kelleher, former president of MidAmerican Energy Services, and Keith Gipson, CEO and CTO of facil.ai, who with their decades of experience in various capacities in the energy industry will serve a pivotal role in EOS Labs’ industry efforts.

“The decision to formulate the Advisory Board sprung from EOS Labs’ dedication to ongoing advancement, especially as we continue to shape the industry by way of intelligent smart meter capabilities,” said Sal Alhelo, PE, LEED AP (BD+C), founder and CEO of EOS Labs. “EOS Labs is steadfast in its commitment to enabling today’s utility companies and service providers, related technology innovators and customers achieve energy savings goals, and we envision that the addition of Jack and Keith to the Advisory Board will be instrumental.”

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The EOS Labs Advisory Board will be comprised of members who have the collective desire to shatter archaic ways of thinking and bring intelligent data-driven solutions to the forefront. The group will serve as a sounding board and source of guidance to ensure EOS Labs continues its flow towards modernity to enable utility companies to activate on the meaningful, active data gleaned by EOS Labs’ smart meter UFIQ technology. The board will ensure that EOS Labs’ technology meets – and ultimately exceeds – the needs of today’s utility customers’ expectations.

Jack Kelleher is the former senior executive of the Berkshire Hathaway Energy non-regulated retail energy services subsidiary, MidAmerican Energy Services. As company President, he successfully led the organization through its start-up, growth and mature business cycles. When he assumed the role, the start-up organization had no pathway to profitability and was under threat of business closure. At his departure, the organization had delivered hundreds of millions in cumulative EBITDA and an 11.0% CAGR, serving a customer base acquired and retained entirely via organic customer origination strategies. Ninety-seven percent of customers recommended the organization as an energy service provider.

“I’m thrilled to serve on the Advisory Board as I feel EOS Labs is well positioned to take advantage of the data analytic disruption opportunities in the market and exercise its transformative capabilities for the betterment of all stakeholders in the utility industry,” said Jack. “I look forward to imparting my industry knowledge to support the company in maximizing its business potential.”

Keith Gipson held the role of Chief Technology Officer at Phoenix Energy Technologies (Phoenix ET) where he architected the Enterprise DX (“Data eXchange) enterprise energy management (EEM) platform – one of the largest integrated, web-based EEM platforms ever created – that monitors and controls over 16,000 retail and commercial buildings. After 13 years, Keith left Phoenix ET to pursue the advancement of the state-of-the-art in the buildings IoT industry by applying his vision and experience to build an integrated AI Autonomous Optimization (AIAO) solution for building optimization and control.

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“It’s an honor to support EOS Labs in its endeavors, as the company’s vision aligns well with my own,” said Keith. “The Advisory Board, built solidly on the hunger for continuous innovation in energy and utilities, will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on the industry.”

Learn more about the EOS Labs Advisory Board and its vision for utility customers to operate without energy waste.