enosix Launches Real-time SAP Integration For ServiceNow® Asset Management With App Certification

enosix Launches Real-time SAP Integration For ServiceNow® Asset Management With App Certification

enosix, specializing in prebuilt, real-time SAP ERP data integration to drive greater customer experience, today announced the release of their enosix SAP Connector for ServiceNow® Asset Management now available in the ServiceNow Store as “SAP Connector for PO and Asset Management.” This Packaged Integration Process (PIP) enables ServiceNow Asset Management customers to receive a seamless SAP integration experience without designing or coding from skilled SAP resources. Instead, users are empowered to generate and support real-time purchasing requests in any of the ServiceNow asset management applications (ITAM, SAM, HAM, and EAM) from their SAP ECC or S/4HANA ERP systems through a virtualized view in their ServiceNow solution. This seamless no-code integration also allows for bi-directional data integration between systems via the enosix API platform without the need for data storage or duplication and leverages prebuilt demand data mapping to accelerate implementation.

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“enosix is excited to announce our second SAP integration with App Certification from ServiceNow, with our SAP Service Graph Connector for OTM having launched the later part of last year. With this offering, enosix SAP Connector for ServiceNow Asset Management provides the ability for customers to enjoy real-time SAP integration when processing purchase orders for in any of the ServiceNow asset management applications, with the ability to integrate with ECC immediately to then translate to S/4HANA when ready for migration later. This frees up potential business bottlenecks in the migration process and allows highly skilled SAP resources to be allocated to other projects,” explains enosix CEO, Nick Fera.

SAP customers require a modern front-end system for managing assets and purchasing requests internally but are often challenged with the complexities of the disparate and complex business logic in SAP. With the enosix SAP connector they can leverage the ServiceNow solution for order approval and shipping information in real-time with 100% accuracy in 70% less time and cost of traditional integration methods. Eliminating swivel-chair purchase order creation and viewing data in real-time ensures that vendors are being paid timely and eliminates excess communication slowing down order fulfillment.

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