enosix Announces Commerce on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

enosix Announces Commerce on Salesforce AppExchange_ the World's Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

enosix customers can now benefit from new pre-built integration solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and SAP ERP

enosix today announced it has launched a new SAP® integration solution on Salesforce AppExchange, enabling a real-time, B2B eCommerce experience natively in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, integrating key SAP data like customer-specific pricing and available-to-promise inventory, as well as real-time order validation and creation in SAP. The enosix Commerce integration solution is pre-built to allow for integration timelines 70-90% shorter than traditional solutions.

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Comments on the News

  • “Our clients tell us that a B2B experience without the necessary data from their SAP ERP is an incomplete solution. We listened. In the ‘new-normal’, speed matters more than ever. We can enable a native Commerce Cloud/SAP integration in four to six weeks. That’s what clients need today to move at the speed of their customers,” said enosix CEO, D.Wayne Poole.