ENGworks Global is a leader in the MEP industry for VDC and content creation services. eVolve MEP is the industry leader in Revit based, BIM software for the MEP construction industry. Both organizations work closely with MEP subcontractors on improving the productivity of the BIM process and deliverables. However, a common challenge for the MEP industry originates from the lack of standardization of content. As such, end users develop content based on their own standards while content service providers and building product manufacturers (BPMs) deliver customized content which is rarely compatible with the client’s data. This causes issues throughout the BIM process and final deliverables for the project itself which can cause delays and errors.

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Through this alliance, ENGworks Global and eVolve MEP will lead discussions with MEP subcontractors, BPMs and technology providers to develop a new industry standard which will improve on data interoperability.