EngageDM™ Partners Paper and Mobile Marketing

EngageDM™ Partners Paper and Mobile Marketing

 SG360°, an industry-leading end-to-end print and direct marketing solutions provider, announced EngageDM™ an innovative new print product created to revolutionize the direct mail marketing sector utilizing mobile promotions, gaming, and augmented reality technology.

With COVID disrupting consumer shopping behavior and causing many to spend more time at home, an opportunity to address this shift in consumer behavior presented itself. SG360° partnered with an omnichannel mobile marketing group to provide a solution for brands struggling with finding new meaningful ways to strengthen their brand connections.

After several months of research and design, they created a direct mailer with an embedded film that mobile promotion participants use to reveal hidden codes on screens.

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With the pandemic revitalizing the use of QR codes—driven by restaurants offering touchless menus—game activation is a very familiar call-to-action; scan a QR Code on the interactive mailer that sends users to a landing page to request their gameplay link. By encouraging participants to use the printed mailer with their mobile devices, the tactic introduces opportunities for brands to convert the average postcard mailer into a digital engagement vehicle for consumers at home to try for instant-win prizes, engage in 3D brand experiences, and drive sales to contactless in-store experiences. One of the differentiating factors of this solution compared to other QR code programs is the unique 1:1 link and user tracking, which allows brands to view each participant’s journey through a dashboard versus one standard code link used for the masses.

Brands looking to provide a safe marketing channel to consumers now have an option to energize the path to purchase with traditional and digital brand awareness during and post-pandemic.