Leading research into employee experience by Home suggests 1 in 5 employers see creating an Employee Value Proposition as their top priority in the workplace in 2020. With 64% of HR and employee experience professionals surveyed stating they do not currently have a clearly articulated Employee Value Proposition (EVP) but see it as a priority for the year ahead. The name of the game for 2020, employee experience.

Roundel 2020 is a piece of global research aimed at understanding trends, practices and priority areas from the perspective of the employee experience. Top findings include an emphasis on onboarding, performance management, diversity and inclusion, and health and wellbeing.

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Having surveyed hundreds of experts globally, the report has identified the following as the key people trends set to impact our working lives over the next 5 years:

  • 54% said a need to improve onboarding experiences
  • 43% responded with performance management
  • 40% mentioned the importance of fostering environments of improved diversity & inclusion with a big focus on LGBTQ+, BAME, and people with disabilities
  • 39% prioritized robust mental health and wellness initiatives
  • 34% argued for better communication and engagement between senior leaders/managers and employees

The findings come amid the rise of a new era of HR where businesses are increasingly adopting a bottom-up approach to management, creating new strategies for employee retention, and putting employee wellbeing at the center of decision making.

2020 is about breaking down internal communication silos, promoting an integrated approach to work within organizations, empowering employees to focus on personal development whilst finding purpose in their work.

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One of the contributors, Martin Fitzpatrick, Senior Internal Communications Business Partner at BT said:

“Creating truly better places to work will require us to work collaboratively across our businesses. […] It seems that finally, we’re all waking up to the fact that providing people with a meaningful connection to work has far more impact than shiny newsletters, free gyms or new e-learning platforms.”

Commenting on the launch, Home said, “It’s been such an incredible experience pulling this report together. Speaking to and hearing from so many passionate people from all over the globe that care about what they do and how they do it has been overwhelmingly inspiring! We believe the Roundel gives great insight into the trends, challenges, and priorities businesses face going into 2020. It’s a must for anyone that cares about their business and the employee experience. The Roundel is written by people who care, for people who care.”