Email and Website Top Sources of Customer Data Collection Amid Rise of Generative AI, Deployteq Study Reveals

Email and Website Top Sources of Customer Data Collection Amid Rise of Generative AI, Deployteq Study Reveals

Where does your data come from? Deployteq survey reveals that Email and Website’s are the most popular sources for data collection amongst their respondents amid the surge in the use of Generative AI in marketing strategies.

The findings of the State of Marketing Automation Report 2024 revealed that 64 percent of data comes from emails, while 58 percent comes from websites. These statistics compare to the least used source of data collection, App data at 26 percent.

The data, alongside the Email Benchmark 2024 Report revealed that email has always been an increasingly popular tool to marketing strategies. Email open rates have continued to rise since 2023, creating a wide range of opportunities for marketers to improve their approach on their marketing initiatives.

Marketers have been utilising the rise of Generative AI by integrating it into campaigns. The monumental shift towards leveraging new technologies has enhanced the effectiveness of marketing. The report found that 54 percent of respondents are using Generative AI in their marketing strategies.

The report also showed that gaining more insights will be a big focus for 2024 with 43 percent or respondents claiming this to be their aim. This was closely followed by the increase in conversions at 42 percent and the adoption of AI at 40 percent. Influencer marketing is the lowest priority at 7 percent.

Deployteq, a leading self-serve marketing automation provider, collected direct supply-side performance data from 2023 to establish where our data originates from and what is the most popular sources for data collection. The data originates in collaboration with the Email Benchmark 2024 where 4 billion email messages were analysed.

Email has become a  valuable source of data collection due to the shift to 1st party. Email is a direct communication channel between the business and the consumer with a rich source of data, perfect for data collection to understand consumer behaviour.

Amid new European-wide cookie laws that regulate the use of cookies to ensure businesses give transparency over third-party data collection, Deployteq also helped Centre Parcs collect first party data for their marketing and engagement efforts.

Pauline Buil, Marketing Director for Deployteq, part of Inspired Thinking Group said:“For success over the next year, I’d like to ditch the narrative of replacing our marketing teams with robots, such as a recent statistic I saw in a Gartner report, 22 percent of CMO’s may be thinking of replacing staff with AI. Instead, and for true success we should be focusing on enabling our teams for an AI, tech powered 2024! Let’s start breaking down tech barriers and diving headfirst into the world of AI.” 

“At Deployteq, our CEO Sjuul van der Leeuw has been championing this cause in parliament, emphasising the need to embrace change and ensure our teams are prepared to adopt new technology in the most lucrative way. It’s not about staff replacement; it’s about giving your team the skills to ride the AI-wave.”

Sjuul Van Der Leeuw, CEO of Deployteq , part of Inspired Thinking Group  said: “In 2024, there’s a topic no one can ignore. The integration of Generative AI into campaigns has skyrocketed. This reflects a monumental shift towards leveraging advanced technologies to enhance marketing effectiveness. However, with great innovation comes great responsibility, as marketers grapple with the ethical implications and rapid progression of AI we see it’s never been more important to equip and train our teams for the future of this technology.”

The Report comes following Deployteq’s targeted expansion in the UK market to continue strengthening its partnerships with major brands including Wickes, Centre Parcs and Virgin Media.

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