ZonLux Digital and its founder, Matt Newman, have launched a Service Amazon Marketing Agency. With an extensive portfolio of consumer-facing e-commerce brands in the health, auto and beauty space, the Zonlux Digital team will bring their thorough knowledge of e-commerce and the ever-changing Amazon platform, as well as innovative marketing and SEO knowledge to clients at whatever capacity they need to scale. Newman has grown his portfolio to almost $100 million a year in revenue, and now he and his team of e-commerce experts have set their sights on helping other companies scale their brands on the eCom behemoth, Amazon.com.

Services that ZonLux will offer include Amazon Storefront Consultation, Product Development Recommendations, Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Promotions, Amazon Advertising, Insider Access to Amazon and Industry Resources, Acquisition Exit Strategy Consultations, and more. ZonLux Digital will offer a range of customized plans to meet client KPIs, drive innovation and scaling potential.

“Zonlux was born out of a need in the e-commerce space. What we want to do is simple: we want to make an impact by bringing our successful business model to other entrepreneurs,” said Newman, Founder, and Partner of ZonLux Digital. “We have an expert team in place that lives and breathes Amazon, and all of the unique complexities that go into operating a profitable brand on that channel. We are selectively taking on a few clients a month, and I am excited to see where this next chapter takes our team and our clients.”