Dynata Acquires CrowdLab, Expanding Research & Insights Opportunities for Brands to Connect with Consumers

Dynata Acquires CrowdLab_ Expanding Research _ Insights Opportunities for Brands to Connect with Consumers

Acquisition expands qualitative research capabilities, enabling a deeper understanding of customer journeys, brand affinities and experiences through contextualized real-time insights

Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data and insights platform, today announced the acquisition of CrowdLab, an innovative digital ethnography solution for capturing in-the-moment consumer opinions, attitudes and trends in a multiple award-winning digital platform. The acquisition will expand Dynata’s qualitative research capabilities within the Dynata Insights Platform, helping brands develop a more comprehensive picture of their markets and customers by linking specific behaviors with the experiences that drive them.

For many brands, it’s no longer enough simply to field surveys to reach the voice of the customer; they need to engage qualitatively with consumers to anticipate their desires and create moments that inspire, impact, and motivate them. This ethnographic approach – where researchers observe and/or interact with a study’s participants in their real-life environment – reaches consumer in “real-life” environments to uncover rich insights on demand, in the moment, and upon reflection.  This leads to a deeper, holistic picture of a market and customer, essential in today’s highly competitive world.

The addition of CrowdLab into the Dynata portfolio broadens the insight capabilities available in the Dynata Insights Platform, an all-in-one solution for automating every step of the marketing continuum. The access to respondents for both deep qualitative and broad quantitative research in one place will help organizations uncover the robust insights needed to better understand what customers want and need – from small pre-tasks to 4,000 participant quant diaries, three-day quick polls to 6-month long communities and scripting-only to complete project management – enabling insight-driven marketing decisions. This, in turn, will help ensure a stronger connection to consumers and help drive competitive advantage and potential revenue growth.

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“CrowdLab’s unique ethnographic technology, powered by our more than 62M consumers and business professionals, will enable us to deliver qualitative research capabilities at the scale and speed our clients need,” said Tiama Hanson-Drury, Executive Vice President of Product Development for Dynata. “Bringing that capability into our Dynata Insights Platform furthers our mission to create a single, all-in-one solution to turn insights into action at every step of the marketing continuum. Adding that capacity for qualitative research enhance our client’s ability to understand the new normal of consumer experience, then use it to engage with customers, driving new growth opportunities.”

Founded in 2011, CrowdLab helps brands truly understand how their customers experience life, brands, products and services, sharing instantaneous contextualized insights through an engaging digital platform. CrowdLab uses task-based requests to collect text, audio, video, and imagery to generate hundreds of “customer moments,” blending qualitative richness with quantitative robustness, illuminating what consumers are seeing, doing, feeling and thinking in real-time. By comparing these insights to the “customer moments” that matter most to an industry, brand or competitor set, brands can understand how to maximize impact among their target audience in authentic and personalized ways.

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“We built CrowdLab to help brands and market research companies gain a real-world understanding of the experience of consumers in the moment they have them, delivering a unique window into the consumer experience,” said Richard Owen, Chief Transformation Officer for Hall & Partners and the founder and CEO of CrowdLab. “Adding that to Dynata’s rich quantitative research capabilities ensures brands have every opportunity to follow the consumer experience, both in the moment and throughout their engagement, uncovering insights that amplify the relationship they are developing with those customers. Adding that Dynata Insights platform ensures those insights can be acted on to develop greater customer intimacy.”

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