Dynamic Communities Launches Decision Acceleration Community: A Content & Event Platform to Propel the Quality & Velocity of Business Technology Decision Making

Dynamic Communities Launches Decision Acceleration Community A Content _ Event Platform to Propel the Quality _ Velocity of Business Technology Decision Making

Dynamic Communities, the pioneer in Decision Acceleration platform solutions to propel the quality and velocity of business technology decision making, today announced the public launch of DAC’s cloud-powered Decision Acceleration platform and collaborative real time interactive digital ecosystem.

According to KPMG, the top challenge to digital acceleration is difficulty making quick technology decisions. Forrester Research claims that 2021 will be the year that every company, not just the 15% of firms that were already digitally savvy, doubles down on technology-fueled experiences, operations, products, and ecosystems. In a new McKinsey global survey only 20% of respondents say their organizations excel at decision making, a majority say most of the time they devote to decision making is used ineffectively. Further analyses indicated that organizations that make decisions quickly are twice as likely to make high quality decisions. Faster decision making and faster execution of decisions both link to considerably higher returns.

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“There may not be a more challenging and appropriate time in modern American history where Plato’s proverb, Necessity is the mother of invention, could be timelier,” said John Siefert, Dynamic Communities CEO. “Our motivation to reimagine the potential of Dynamic Communities with the Decision Acceleration Community is simple; heed the call for access to intelligence with a different, not just better, approach. Our mission is to propel the quality and velocity of business-technology decision making. With an incredible development team led by CTO Steve Arend, we will continue to enhance the platform over the coming months, but today we start helping hundreds of thousands of businesses grow ROI and reduce CAPEX spend by making quality business decisions in hours and days instead of months and years.”

With incredible roots in the Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform community, Dynamic Communities introduces DAC as this space is experiencing monumental shifts based on the impact of cloud migration, new automation systems, enhanced customer experience platforms, analytics, reporting, tax law changes and much more that businesses must make decisions on. With the ability for everyone in the business technology community to have their own profile page, publish or link share content and engage in discussions, DAC is built to serve as an everyday resource and a point in time event platform to bring like-minded professionals together around macro and micro themes impacting the market, their business and their jobs. Dynamic Communities will continue to support the strategy and direction of Microsoft as the traditional user base evolves to cloud-based customers or retains their on-premise systems.

To celebrate the launch, Dynamic Communities is hosting an inaugural digital event from 11am EST to 2pm EST Thursday, January 28th,  featuring tech icon Bob Evans, creator of Cloud Wars, for a “Digital Acceleration Binge.”  The event will feature a series of short form “to the point” case study videos, threaded chats with speakers, and the ability for attendees to request discovery calls and live demos from sponsors, all in the DAC platform.

Digital Acceleration Binge” will be available on demand for the community, searchers and guests to binge on at their convenience.

“The Decision Acceleration Community offers businesses a unique opportunity that is exceptionally important, because it eliminates the potential of an organization getting stuck in the analysis stage of making any key transformation decisions,” said Digital Acceleration Binge day sponsor Brianne van Reenen, Director of Marketing for Njevity and their PowerGP Online product. “Instead, that organization’s team can seek solutions in a single, informational, and community supported format ensuring their business problems will be solved by proven tools already used by thousands. Within hours, they can be on a path that drives the key initiatives and goals forward.”

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