Online e-commerce specialist dynacart is offering ‘accelerator’ grants comprised of $500 to $10,000 of online expertise and PPC spend to independent brands and store owners who are struggling because of COVID-19. dynacart says that its objective is to prove its solution for growing brands online whilst also supporting independent brand owners.

dynacart, which previously held a banking licence as an e-commerce payments processor, is reinventing itself as a global B2C and B2B platform for accelerating how brands grow online. To prove the solution that it has developed, dynacart will soon be launching its own storefront at dynacart is also inviting brands who wish to list on its new storefront to apply for its ‘Accelerate’ marketing grant

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Independent brand owners who list their items on the forthcoming new storefront can receive $500 of PPC spend and online marketing expertise in return. Brands that perform well on the soon-to-be-launched can receive up to $10,000 of promotion.

dynacart expects to launch its new storefront before Christmas. Its ‘Accelerate’ scheme is initially focusing on up-and-coming independent brands and designed products, but dynacart has a longer-term ambition to add further categories to its storefront.