DropLoads Scales B2B Corporate Services to the Masses for Logistics Routes

DropLoads Scales B2B Corporate Services to the Masses for Logistics Routes-01

With its recent launch, the DropLoads mobile app is making a name for itself in the logistics industry. Various innovations built into the app and the uniqueness of the DropLoads business model offer opportunities for companies and partners to scale and earn passive and aggressive income.

The new dual interface allows corporations with current logistics deals with Amazon to integrate their existing software into the DropLoads mobile app. Here, they can sign up and become a verified business shipping partner. Now, the company can run its fleet on a 24-hour schedule. These corporations are encouraged to incentivize their drivers to sign up independently with DropLoads to fill in schedule gaps and earn additional income while remaining employed.

The last mile carrier is one of the most independent workers in America, with over fifty million jobs across the nation. Over the last decade, corporations like Grub Hub, Amazon, Uber, and Instacart filled the need for independent drivers and carriers. DropLoads serves direct consumer-to-consumer and business-to-business needs around the clock with 24-hour service and same-day inter-city or freight shipping.

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DropLoads has modernized the management of logistics services. DropLoads users do not need to rely upon tracking numbers. Each shipment is Geotagged at the point of receipt and tracked in realtime via the mobile app. This added layer of security prevents lost, misplaced, and damaged goods common in the shipping industry. Goods are shipped and received safely and contact-free, within a matter of hours rather than days.

Independent contractors can work local routes with the mobile app and assist big-box retailers signed up with DropLoads, like Walmart and Lowes. As brick-and-mortar stores close for the day, DropLoads partners can retrieve packages and deliver them quickly to their customers. Retailers now have an advantageous provision over Amazon’s next-day shipping by providing same-day service to their local online consumers.

Creator and Founder of The Simmons Group, VC, states: “We view the last mile carrier as an open space to leverage DropLoads and how we service the industry. As our economy embraces recovery, the goal is to create 10 million independently contracted jobs throughout the country this year and contribute to industries that have suffered during COVID.”

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