Dovetale Launches New Look-A-Like Influencer Search Engine

Dovetale, Search Engine

Dovetale, a website to help marketing teams find and work with social media influencers, announces a new feature to help teams find related influencers.

There is no doubt that there are a lot of influencer search and management platforms. In fact, there are over 100 technology companies notably competing in this space, not to mention the array of agencies. “These companies don’t scare me, mostly because I don’t see many of them as true competitors,” says co-founder Mike Schmidt. “Everyone is fighting over the same customers with the same value proposition and they haven’t realized how to make a dent in the creator economy GDP yet.”

Today, Dovetale is launching a new search experience with the goal of making it easier to access the right creators. The feature can enable teams to input influencers they may have worked with in the past and allows them to find related accounts. If teams already know who/what personalities and content aesthetics work for them, they can instantly showcase the communities around specific tribes. Several factors have made this possible, including access to customer data, machine learning and customer feedback from disgruntled customers using competitor products.

“This is so much bigger than influencer marketing – this is the future of search. Google does a really good job of searching publisher pages on the web, but a terrible job of searching publishers on social media. Less and fewer people are starting blogs on a web domain in favor of YouTube or Instagram. Google wasn’t the first search engine and neither were we, but today we feel like we are definitively the best. A lot of influencer platforms we compete with have tiny bells and whistles, but the search is what matters most,” says Schmidt.

In addition to helping brands, the new search features will allow more niche and micro-influencers to be discovered. The Dovetale team hopes to eventually democratize access to creatives – akin to what IMDb’s mission is for movies stars and TV’s actors.