DMi Partners Unveils New Amazon Commissioning Engine (ACE), a New Amazon Program to Boost Clients’ Amazon Affiliate Listing Traffic and Drive Sales

DMi Partners

DMi Partners, the award-winning full-service performance marketing agency specializing in affiliate, email, paid search, and SEO, today announces the launch of its new Amazon Commissioning Engine, or ACE. The agency’s new Amazon affiliate service marks a strategic move, marrying the effectiveness of traditional affiliate marketing with Amazon’s unrivaled revenue-driving capabilities.

ACE connects brands with content creators and technology platforms like Levanta to help them gain and monetize traffic using user-friendly link-building tools, earning commissions on referred products, and gaining insights into audience preferences. DMi’s innovative service stands out by directing traffic, increasing brand awareness, and driving sales exclusively for brands’ Amazon listings, setting it apart from traditional affiliate programs.

“We recognize the increasing demand from brands to enhance their Amazon presence. ACE offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional Amazon advertising, allowing brands to tap into our best-in-class affiliate partnerships and strategies and enabling them to reach more users on the highest converting eCommerce platform, with the end goal of driving incremental revenue,” said Kristina Nolan, VP of Media Services at DMi Partners.

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Utilizing DMi’s robust affiliate partner network and Amazon’s conversion-centric product listings, this service offers brands a powerful means to enhance visibility and channel traffic to their Amazon storefronts. Key advantages of DMi’s ACE service encompass access to their elite affiliate partner network, comprising top publishers and technology partners, coupled with Amazon’s conversion-oriented product listings. The primary advantage lies in furnishing brands with a strategic approach to reaching a broader audience on their preferred eCommerce platform, facilitating incremental revenue growth.

Nolan adds, “Affiliate marketing continues to gain momentum among retailers, offering a proven and effective channel for driving sales. ACE addresses the evolving needs of brands seeking a cost-effective and impactful strategy to thrive on the Amazon platform. As more brands seek ways to enhance their presence on Amazon, DMi Partners remains committed to providing innovative solutions that drive results and foster business growth.”

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