Disruptive Financial Media Company Real Vision Challenges The News Clip Industry With New Content-As-A-Service Initiative: The Real Vision Portal

Disruptive Financial Media Company , Content Syndication

Real Vision, the global financial media company, announced a move into the content syndication market with the rollout of a proprietary tech platform, Real Vision Portal, allowing publishers to distribute and monetize Real Vision original content through personalized widgets on their own site. The Real Vision Portal removes the expense, risk and time of creating original video content and offers a solution for partners that creates increased engagement opportunities for new revenue streams, and access to new insights about readers/ viewers and what they want. Real Vision’s expertise and success in the premium content market positions them to extend their existing capabilities to other publishers while taking aim at capturing a new, distributed market.

The inspiration for the product came from Real Vision’s recent campaign entitled “Recession Watch” that offered viewers a deep-dive into the looming recession. In an effort to democratize the message and potentially prevent a future market collapse, Real Vision launched the portal to reach a wider audience and quickly generated over 2.5 million views in two weeks.

“The overwhelming success of Recession Watch proved to us that our content needs to be in the hands of the masses,” said Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal. “We can now provide content as a service to our publisher partners and unlock a host of new opportunities and revenue for both parties. We’re excited to bring this offering to the market and grow our relationships with both individual investors and content providers alike.”

The newly launched Real Vision Portal creates a number of new monetization opportunities for partners, including:

  • A turnkey opportunity to create new pages on a website that generates additional inventory, as opposed to replacing existing inventory
  • Revenue sharing on pre-roll advertising that can be sold by the partner directly or through Real Vision
  • Affiliate revenue opportunities on Real Vision products

“We have seen so much demand in the market for finance videos that go beyond the deluge of market clips, but the barriers to entry are massive,” said Jason Ziemianski, Real Vision’s Head of Product. “Creating premium video is expensive, time-consuming and there’s no guarantee it will work. With one line of code, we’re able to empower our partners so they can give more to their users with little to no development resources while remaining focused on what they do best. It is truly a win-win for all involved.”