Digital Remedy’s New Flip OTT Advertising Platform Offers First ROAS Tracking for Digital TV Advertising

Digital Remedy, OTT Advertising Platform , ROAS Tracking , Digital TV Advertising

Digital Remedy, the white-labeled ad ops, and sales optimization partner for publishers, advertisers, and agencies, announced the launch of Flip, the first Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising platform that delivers full-funnel results, attribution, and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) tracking for marketers.

Digital Remedy built the Flip platform to help brand marketers, agencies, and ad buyers accurately measure OTT campaign effectiveness and CPA against KPIs for the fast-growing streaming TV industry. The platform provides an easy-to-use dashboard that shows OTT buyers exactly which campaigns are working in real-time across which devices, publishers, demographics, and more.

“OTT adoption is skyrocketing, and marketers are eager to get in front of those millions of viewers,” said Digital Remedy CEO Mike Seiman. “The problem is, until now, tracking authentic viewership and attribution has been extremely hard because many OTT buying platforms can’t connect the dots between SVOD and foot traffic or site traffic, let alone sales data. Marketers could be spending a lot but not know if they’re seeing any valid results. Flip solves that problem, letting you see exactly which impressions are driving results, down to the specific device, and publisher.”

On the heels of the blockbuster Disney+ launch, which racked up 10 million subscribers in just the first day, it’s clear that subscription OTT is still gaining momentum. With nearly 182 million streaming users in the U.S. alone, that number is expected to easily hit 200 million by 2021, a projection made before the unprecedented Disney+ launch. While the market is ripe, it’s also fragmented—the number of users with three or more OTT services has surged 8X, and 65% of Gen Z/millennials have four or more paid OTT subscriptions. With more than 200 services available, that makes it hard for ad buyers to build and manage multi-publisher programs that drive maximum ROI.