Dice Private Email Prioritizes Privacy And Trust

Dice Private, Email, Privacy And Trust
Dice Private Email Prioritizes Privacy And Trust

DHI Group, Inc. announced that Dice, its leading career hub for technology professionals, has released Dice Private Email, implementing anonymous email addresses for candidates and clients alike, to deliver next-level privacy protections and ensure the most relevant communications between technologists and employers.

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Privacy and security remain critical in technology’s ever-changing landscape. With the release of Dice Private Email, when candidates make their profile visible, their personal email will be automatically anonymized. This change gives candidates full control over when they share their personal email addresses. Alongside privacy solutions for technologists, Dice Private Email will allow clients to receive detailed email metrics about how effective their candidate communications are, emphasizing mutual respect among Dice’s trusted network of technologists, recruiters, and hiring companies.

“Dice is committed to providing the best experience for technologists. With Dice Private Email, we are empowering active technologists who make their profiles visible with increased privacy and control. Now candidates have the ability to select which opportunities they wish to respond to and provide feedback for clients regarding relevancy. Our goal is to connect the best quality tech talent with the most relevant client opportunities,” shared Christian Dwyer, Chief Product Officer of DHI Group, Inc., parent company to Dice.

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Dice Private Email: Simple, safe, relevant and fully optimized

  • Easily connect. Clients can connect with candidates easily and instantly, whether directly from their ATS or another email system, using a candidate’s anonymous email address. Messages can be sent, read or replied to the same way they are today. Technologists can now choose when to share their personal email address with recruiters.
  • Improved message relevance. When technologists make their profile visible and receive an anonymous email address, they can now unsubscribe from irrelevant messages and provide specific feedback about what wasn’t relevant. Over time, this helps candidates receive the most pertinent opportunities.
  • Measurable results. By providing clients with direct candidate feedback along with detailed email metrics about how well their communications are landing with candidates, recruiters can continually improve and optimize their messages to motivate candidates to respond at higher rates.