DGTL Local Digital Marketing Agency Wants to Help Small Businesses Prepare for Rapid Recovery

DGTL Local Digital Marketing Agency , Small Businesses
DGTL Local Digital Marketing Agency Wants to Help Small Businesses Prepare for Rapid RecoverY

The recent global COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty for all and America’s small businesses are some of the hardest hit. As a small business itself, DGTL Local understands that business owners are feeling particularly vulnerable and want to provide help by offering free digital marketing analysis and strategy sessions. These services can help small businesses stay connected with their customers throughout the crisis and position them for the day that they are allowed to, once again, open for business.

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“We know that consumers are staying home and trying to slow the curve, but we also know consumers want to connect, engage and support their community,” said Lisa Wright, VP & Product Owner for DGTL Local. “Screen time is way up and Facebook alone has seen a 50 percent spike. When opening day finally comes, we want our small business clients to be at the top of their customers’ minds and the best way to stay top of mind is being active digitally today!”

DGTL Local was developed after its parent organization, SPS DGTL and Y&L Consulting, saw a gap in access to turnkey, affordable digital marketing for smaller local businesses. Stacked with proprietary tools for content creation and social media management, as well as the ability to provide managed social media customer service, DGTL Local can help small businesses maintain their digital presence during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond. A few ways DGTL Local can support small businesses during these times are:

  • Improving a business’s brand image
  • Producing, developing and managing social media content
  • Providing 24x7x365 customer engagement and community management
  • Increasing social media follower count and engagement
  • Providing analytics reports

“At DGTL Local we want to do our part to support the small business community, we’d hate to see a great small business stop marketing due to financial constraints,” said Shaun Williams, one of the founding members of DGTL Local. “Starting with an audit and an initial strategy session, we can ascertain if the service is a good fit for the small business. If so, we can waive setup fees and even delay payments for up to 90-days.”

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According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses make up more than half of the United States’ employment and 90 percent of commerce is conducted with local businesses. DGTL Local wants to assist small businesses, which are known as the backbone of our country, by keeping these organizations operating with an investment in their digital marketing.

By providing free consultation, planning services, waiving setup fees, and delaying payments for up to 90-days for qualified small businesses, DGTL Local hopes to equalize the power of the digital space and social media industry that has historically been reserved for large organizations due to barriers like cost and complexity.