DevRev product-focused support is now accessible on AWS Marketplace


DevRev , a company that drives customer centricity by converging multiple departments around the end user through a data, collaboration and analytics platform, announced today today that his solution was available on  AWS Marketplace . By purchasing DevRev on AWS Marketplace, customers can now simplify their procurement process, benefit from flexible and personalized pricing, and have their DevRev spend on their AWS bill.

The company plans to leverage cloud marketplaces to leverage buyers’ cloud budgets, open multiple business avenues, and partner with companies that create value on the DevRev platform. In the modern era of SaaS, partnerships take on a new form, moving from mere hours of consulting and implementation to more repeatable commerce with partner apps and plugins (“snap-ins”). B2B marketplaces, particularly SaaS, will mimic the consumer app stores of the last decade in terms of discovery, trust, and revenue share.

“AWS Marketplace will enable DevRev to access buyer-prescribed cloud spend, accelerate transactions through simplified provisioning, and advance partnerships,” said Manoj Agarwal , President and Co-Founder of DevRev. DevRev is confident that cloud marketplaces will be a key lever for their go-to-market, as well as their product-driven and community-driven growth strategies on their own  Marketplace.

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DevRev is powered by AWS and puts product and end-user data at the heart of your business, converging data from different departments onto a single collaboration and analytics platform, called DevCRM. The DevCRM platform syncs GitHub, Jira, legacy CRM, and Slack events in real time with modern DevRev issues, tickets, and conversations, empowering managers — support managers, project managers, product managers, and customer success managers — drive user adoption and retention.

DevRev’s product-focused support is the first DevCRM platform application to converge modern in-app and customer channels with a scalable and customizable support ticketing platform tightly integrated with engineering issues. The platform provides engineers with product and end-user data to help them reduce churn, cut costs by more than 50%, and grow efficiently.

DevRev has raised over $70 million, one of the largest seed capital rounds in Silicon Valley history. For early transformation partners building on the DevCRM platform, the company opened its SAFE investment vehicle this quarter. For more information on DevRev funding, or for investor relations .

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