Destini And Inmar® Intelligence Expand Digital Coupon Capabilities For Emerging Brands

Digital Coupon Capabilities

Destini Global LLC, the leading CPG where-to-buy and store-level data solution in North America, has expanded its marketing offering for emerging brands with distribution capabilities to Inmar Intelligence’s Digital Retailer Network. Inmar Intelligence, a data-driven technology-enabled services company, provides access to a nationwide retailer network with over 100M shoppers across grocery, dollar and drug channels. Destini’s self-service coupon publisher will now integrate directly with Inmar’s vast nationwide digital couponing network to help emerging brands execute digital offers via the retailer loyalty platforms, and automatically advertise all active offers directly through Destini product locator applications.

Today’s shopper is increasingly looking for and using digital coupons. Inmar data shows that over the past four years, digital coupons have grown from a 7% share of total coupon redemption volume to over 23% share of total coupon redemption volume. While traditional brands have aggressively adopted digital coupons into their marketing mix, emerging brands have been slower to adopt this digital channel as they juggle the various marketing needs of their brands amidst limited resources.

Destini’s access to Inmar’s Digital Retailer Network will help to expand and simplify the process for emerging brands to manage and execute digital coupons by using Destini’s self-service coupon publishing platform. Destini’s tool puts the power of SPINS data in the hands of brand marketers, enabling them to leverage Destini’s product locator tools and digital coupon programs in one interface.

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“We are excited to introduce our enhanced Inmar-direct integration to further expand digital couponing publishing and campaign reporting to Destini customers,” said David Navama, co-founder & CEO of Destini. “Given the rapid shift to a more digitally powered retail experience in 2020, we’re committed to helping simplify the process of deploying digital offers and providing simple PDF Scorecards to make it easier for brands to measure the ROI of these spends.”

Enhancements to the digital coupon process include:

  • Manufacturers can build an offer and schedule 80+ retailer digital coupon campaigns of their choosing in just minutes. There is no minimum to the number of retailers needed to execute an offer.
  • Manufacturers will now have frequently updated insights on campaign performance, allowing manufacturers to gather insights on where to continue spending their shopper marketing dollars.
  • Integrations into its other services, such as the Destini Product Locator. Manufacturers who already use Destini’s Product Locator solution can now also run digital coupons through it and have their offers published live within their Locator search results. This will help in driving further engagement with consumers who are showing the strongest intent to buy.

“We are excited to partner with Destini to help emerging brands manufacturers extend their digital offers to shoppers when they matter most,” said David Mounts, Chairman and CEO of Inmar Intelligence. “When SPINS joined our Innovator Ecosystem as a Platform Accelerator earlier this year, we looked forward to expanding our work together through Destini and the services they bring to emerging brands. Together, Inmar and Destini will be able to further enable emerging brands to reach shoppers and deliver the savings they demand. Inmar’s retail clients will benefit from increased content coming from the unique, challenger brands that have traditionally not promoted extensively in retail.”   

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Navama suggests focusing on the following four precepts to build a solid foundation for a successful digital coupon campaign.

  1. Metrics fuel insights, and insights fuel velocity
    Because digital couponing delivers substantial insights in time to act on your next moves, you’re able to assess ROI and turn those learnings into targeted growth efforts. Measurement is key to optimizing your efforts, and with digital couponing, each improvement creates a ripple effect to grow your share of the market.
  2. Context is key
    It’s a common mistake for brands to look at digital couponing programs as a nice add-on or something to run once a year. But in doing so, brands often shortchange themselves, missing out on the benefits of a more comprehensive strategy and the learnings that can only come from measuring implementation and nuanced results over time.
  3. Make consumers feel the value of savings
    Unless you want to offer free product with no strings attached, your coupon needs to strike the balance of costs you can afford and real savings your customer will be motivated to claim. Yes, managing your bottom line is crucial to the success of any program, but if the coupon doesn’t offer compelling value to your consumer it probably won’t drive meaningful results.
  4. No “silver-bullet” mentality
    When thinking about mobile and digital coupons – or any new and different promotional medium – it’s not uncommon for brands to have a light-bulb moment, thinking, “this is the answer we’ve been looking for!” Digital coupons can play a major role in elevating a brand’s presence at a retailer and drive a large impact on the bottom line. However, if a mobile coupon is the only piece of the game you play with, you might be missing out.