Deloitte Launches Lift Acceleration Program™ Focused on Helping Businesses Improve Customer Acquisition, Growth and Profitability


Deloitte Digital launched a first-of-its-kind joint global strategic program, created to bring together customer and audience data in real-time, activate smart customer decisions, and deliver personalized moments across a customer’s experience with an organization. Lift Acceleration Program™ combines the power of Hux by Deloitte Digital with Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Experience Cloud to empower organizations with a true single view of the customer, higher customer engagement, and superior business performance.

Lift Acceleration Program helps organizations become more customer-centric, optimizing the journey for two outcomes: improved acquisition and increased customer lifetime value. At the core of Lift, Acceleration Program is its proprietary operating model with an emphasis on Key Performance Indicator (KPI) ownership and closed-loop processes. This model allows Lift Acceleration Program to measure the customer moments that matter, creating insights into customer behavior beyond financials. These insights are then used within a single-source-of-truth data platform digitally instrumented through Deloitte and Adobe products and infrastructure.

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“In today’s world, the discipline and art of managing customer value have been neglected,” said Barbara Venneman, Global Head of Deloitte Digital’s Advertising, Marketing & Commerce practice. “While many companies only focus on KPI’s, Lift Acceleration Program can raise 14+ Customer Experience Performance Indicators (CPI’s) including marketing and paid media effectiveness, customer targeting, reach and relevance, acquisition, conversion, owned and earned media performance, sales, length and profitability of the relationship and overall customer happiness. With the Lift Acceleration Program, we aim to empower organizations to make the right decisions across all stages of the customer journey, by establishing the right operating model, culture, digital foundations, and connections – between people, systems, data, insights, and products.”

Lift Acceleration Program centers around helping organizations across a variety of industries with three main objectives; building connections through the human experience of customers; personalizing the moments that matter in people’s lives through emotional connections that inspire and drive bottom-line results; and implementing leading customer engagement practices with cutting-edge digital experience platforms to achieve increasingly higher levels of business performance.

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Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) is the first purpose-built customer experience management platform. Offering real-time customer profiles, actionable intelligence, open and extensible architecture, Adobe Experience Platform makes delivering personalized customer experiences at scale a reality.

“Delivering personalized customer experiences across an increasingly complex network of fragmented touchpoints seamlessly and at scale requires a breadth of expertise and collaboration within and across organizations,” said Matt Thompson, executive vice president, Worldwide Field Operations, Adobe. “Deloitte brings the know-how and expertise to design the right operating model and customer engagement platform to help enterprise customers realize the full potential of becoming data-driven, customer-centric businesses.”

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