Datasembly and Numerator Partner to Help Retailers, CPGs Analyze Temporary Price Reduction Promotions

Datasembly and Numerator Partner to Help Retailers_ CPGs Analyze Temporary Price Reduction Promotions

Datasembly, the leading provider of real-time product pricing, promotions, and assortment data for retailers and CPG brands, today announced a partnership with Numerator, a data-driven consumer and market intelligence company, to bring Temporary Price Reduction (TPR) promotions monitoring to brands and retailers.

Now available within Numerator’s Promotions Intel and Promo Insights solutions, TPR monitoring leverages Datasembly’s comprehensive retail pricing data to report on TPR promotions alongside Numerator’s omnichannel promotional coverage, enabling customers to efficiently monitor and analyze promotions. Using TPR, customers will have access to insights faster, enhancing their ability to create and implement promotional strategies in real time.

As today’s consumers continue to demand a seamless purchasing experience and brands go omnichannel, the gap between online and offline pricing is closing—making transparency at the retailer, as well as with online fulfillment, a necessity to effectively manage promotional trade spend – an enhancement to the pricing and promotions process.

“It’s absolutely essential to provide our customers with current, comprehensive data so they can make the best decisions, particularly when it comes to launching TPR promotions monitoring,” said Amy Fitzgerald, SVP Strategy at Numerator. “We are pleased to partner with Datasembly, and together our TPR solution will help brands stay ahead of the market, uncover shifting promotional tactics and insights, and maximize sales lift.”

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TPR is often the biggest part of a promotional trade spend, and the lack of visibility, transparency and delay reporting into its results can hinder sales and marketing efforts. Numerator is leveraging online retail prices to report on TPR promotions so businesses can efficiently monitor and analyze the promotions influencing shopper behavior across the competitive landscape in real time.

“Datasembly continues to grow based on our commitment to our customers, employees, and to providing every price of every product in every store, everywhere,” said founder and CEO, Ben Reich.

“Partnering with Numerator to unlock even more actionable insights like TPR promotions is another example of how our data continues to help CPGs and retailers improve strategic decision-making capabilities and increase revenue. We look forward to providing complete, reliable, data that can be integrated seamlessly for our clients and partners.”

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