DataMyth offers automation solutions for smart marketing

DataMyth offers automation solutions for smart marketing

DataMyth is a newly launched SaaS-based reporting analysis platform that offers accurate insights to enable digital marketers to optimize campaigns through automated analysis.

Typically, digital marketers across industries invest several hours every week towards building marketing reports and analyzing campaign performance. The manual process involves downloading data from various sources and writing insights. This impacts productivity and depletes marketing budgets, thereby affecting ROI.

In today’s dynamic, digital landscape, marketers want to grow their business by focusing on strategy and optimization through automation, rather than invest crucial hours over the manual gathering and analysis of data.

DataMyth aims to address these concerns through a single and definitive digital platform that enables marketers to create accurate and comprehensive reports along with performance analysis within minutes. The creators of DataMyth believe that anything repeatable can be automated. Driven by this belief, DataMyth offers instant insights through automated reports, eliminating any room for errors that may result from manual intervention.

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Positioned as the automation solution for smart marketing, DataMyth aggregates data from various digital channels, provides presentation-ready reports, and analyses the reason for the change in performance based on the impact of various parameters. The reports, which offer a visual representation and detailed information on campaign performance, can be instantly downloaded and shared by marketers and analysts.

Interested marketers can sign-up for the 7-day free trial to understand how DataMyth helps optimize their campaigns through automated analysis from Google Analytics and Google Ads by offering actionable insights. Meanwhile, plans to include reports from Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads are underway.

Founded by Rajasekar Ragavan and supported by a team of experienced digital marketers and data scientists, DataMyth caters to digital agencies and product/solution companies looking to measure and optimize campaign performance.

“Today’s marketers want to do more with less, and we hope to make this possible through smart marketing solutions. DataMyth helps digital marketers answer the ‘why, how, and what’ of campaigns with reports and instant automated insights that save time on repetitive tasks and allow marketers to focus on the critical aspects of their campaign,” says Rajasekar.