Dance2Fit Continues Their E-Commerce Expansion with Products Now Available Through Rakuten


Fitness nutrition brand, Dance2Fit, has been expanding their e-commerce model over the last six months, now with products available for purchase through online retail giant, Online sales have been a major component of D2F’s multi-tiered platform for success throughout 2020, and the recent acquisition of Rakuten could have a major impact on their overall supplement sales.

Rakuten is often referred to as “The Biggest E-Commerce Site You’ve Never Heard Of,” because the site is well known in Japan, but Rakuten has only started to gain name recognition as an online retailer for the US market in the last eight years. But despite their name recognition in the United States, Rakuten’s sales figures speak for themselves, as the company totaled more than $10 billion in online sales in the United States last year.

Online sales have been a driving force behind all supplement sales throughout the United States, but particularly now, as more people are ordering their usual supplements online. With a larger online buying base, the potential for new customers who are browsing supplement options virtually has increased substantially in the last four months.

Dance2Fit already had an established web presence, since the company has online workout content available on-demand. Dance2Fit already has a strong fan base of clients who not only enjoy their videos but swear by their workout supplements, so adding another online retailer to their ever-expanding portfolio was a wise business choice as it increases the possibility for new traffic to D2Fit’s branded content.

One of Dance2Fit’s most popular supplements has been their D2Fit Multi Collagen Pre Workout powder. The addition of collagen to sports nutrition products has been a growing trend in the fitness supplement world, and D2Fit has perfected their formula, combining a healthy dose of collagen with energy-boosting ingredients. Even on its own, collagen as a supplement has been extremely popular, raking in a large percentage of total online supplement sales.

Collagen supplements are popular, in part because collagen plays a vital role in the creation of strong muscles, blood vessels, skin, and connective tissue, the same reason it has been a popular addition to workout products. Getting the correct dosage of collagen is most often associated with the maintenance of bone, muscle, and skin health.

Multi Collagen Pre Workout collagen helps provide an extra boost of energy, and can play a role in helping to support healthy muscles and joints. But Dance2Fit’s supplements also perform where it really counts with customers: taste. D2F consistently rates one of the best tasting pre-workout supplements, garnering them a loyal following of repeat customers.

With buying trends moving primarily to the e-commerce marketplace, Dance2Fit’s products have gained more exposure through their partnerships with some of the giants of the online market. Find Dance2Fit and Multi Collagen Pre Workout powder online through their company website, and now through

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