Cross-Channel Conversation History Feature by Enterprise Digital Customer Service Platform Company, Sparkcentral

Sparkcentral, Digital Customer Service

For the first time in the digital customer service space, an innovation that allows for optimal agent productivity through an unbroken view of a contact’s conversation history across all digital channels has been launched by Sparkcentral.

Today, consumers use multiple digital channels to contact enterprises depending on their needs and preferences. With traditional customer service platforms, an agent reacting to a customer’s tweet cannot view this individual’s previous activity on chat, SMS, or other channels.

With Cross-Channel Conversation History, agents on the Sparkcentral platform will be able to see a truly Omnichannel, consolidated view of a contact’s conversation history across all chat, social, and messaging channels. The result is greater productivity for agents and higher satisfaction for customers.

Agents no longer have to ask contacts to repeat what they’ve said on a different channel, instead they can see if the contact has posted the same comment in a different channel and whether it is being handled by another agent. If so, the agent can manually resolve the duplicate-topic conversation that was assigned to them without repeating the work that another agent is doing.

The new cross-channel conversation feature is enabled by detecting matching customer identifiers across different channels. By using unique customer IDs, agents can see all of the conversation histories of a customer as one continuous dialog, no matter how often the customer moved from, say, Twitter, to Facebook Messenger, or the company’s webchat and back.

Furthermore, for multi-brand retailers, conversations across multiple brands that are managed by the same care team can also be shown in a consolidated timeline. This new feature elevates the traditional customer service solution by creating a non-fragmented view that saves agents time and creates a more seamless experience for the customer.

“Our new cross-channel conversation history feature will further boost agent productivity, which is a key brand promise of Sparkcentral,” said Abhay Prasad, Vice President of Product Management at Sparkcentral.

“When using traditional customer service solutions, it is hard to keep track of the various mediums and platforms that customers are using, leading to longer resolution times, which can frustrate both the agent and the customer. The new feature will allow for a more comprehensive overview of communication between agents and customers, leading to greater cost savings and CSAT scores.”

Sparkcentral’s platform unifies chat, social, and messaging channels in one solution, supporting what Gartner now calls Digital Customer Service. Implementing a truly asynchronous agent workflow to accommodate the long-lived nature of these channels, Sparkcentral helps enterprises with digital transformation in the contact center, going from a monolithic approach with blended agents to a setup that provides traditional voice and “digital” agents with best-of-breed tools.