Criteo Integrates with Oracle Data Cloud to Strengthen Brand Safety Capabilities for Marketers

Criteo Integrates with Oracle Data Cloud to Strengthen Brand Safety Capabilities for Marketers

Criteo S.A. (NASDAQ: CRTO), the global technology company powering the world’s marketers with trusted and impactful advertising, today announced an integration with Oracle Data Cloud to strengthen its existing brand safety offering. Criteo’s AI Engine, a predictive bidding tool, is now integrated with Oracle Contextual Intelligence, a solution providing real-time content review and classification pre-bid to clients across brand-suitable categories.

Brand safety continues to gain prominence with advertisers and marketers concerned by the rise of sensitive news topics and misinformation. According to a recent Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) study, over 77% of industry professionals cited brand safety as a key priority in 2020. Criteo is responding to these industry needs through its integration with Oracle to deliver greater brand protection to marketers while continuing to provide scale and performance.

“Criteo is committed to delivering a safe and transparent advertising experience for brands and publishers alike,” said Len Ostroff, SVP Global Partnerships and Alliances at Criteo. “Oracle Data Cloud is a leader in contextual intelligence. Our integration with them will bring semantic detection power pre-bid to our global brand safety offering so we can better serve our clients.”

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Oracle Contextual Intelligence is a technology that does not rely on personal identifiers to improve marketing results by ensuring that advertisements get displayed on brand-suitable advertising spaces with appropriate contextual content. Using adaptive machine learning, the technology evaluates keywords on web pages so advertisers can avoid associating their brand with negative content and keywords. The technology can also be used to place advertisements in contexts that are more appropriate and impactful for the brands.

“We’re pleased to work with Criteo to provide industry professionals the right technology solution to address ongoing and fast evolving brand safety concerns,” says Chris Stark, Head of Contextual Intelligence Product, Oracle Data Cloud. “Together, our goal is to give advertisers more control of their ad placements and shift the growing conversation surrounding brand safety to focus on long-term brand suitability.”

Criteo began working with Oracle Data Cloud in February 2020. This brand safety integration is now available automatically for all global clients at no additional cost.