CoSell Launches LinkedIn For B2B Sales Partnerships, With Backing From SaaStr

CoSell Launches LinkedIn For B2B Sales Partnerships, With Backing From SaaStr

CoSell, a SaaS platform for B2B companies to find customer overlaps with partners to facilitate warms introductions, announced today it has raised $2MM million in seed funding to accelerate its growth and help companies unlock revenue with every partnership. The round was led by Pivot North with participation from SaaStr Fund.

Co-founders Brendon CassidyPete Ryan, and Andrew Burleson believe that, by leveraging the CRM between partners to effectively build “private sales graphs”, CoSell has created the ability for partnering sales organizations to sell more, together. The platform supports a growing demand for partner co-selling as a business strategy through warm, qualified introductions. The growth of APIs has been tech partnerships commonplace, however, the CRM data for co-selling has been siloed up until now.

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The CoSell philosophy is pretty simple: Why go it alone when you can find protection in the herd? A single wildebeest is far more vulnerable than a herd of wildebeest. Same logic applies to growth for B2B companies. “The reality is that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that can help you, just as you can help them, with a win-win for both sides. Because their customer targets overlap, but aren’t competitive. If you can get introduced to your customer directly, why on earth would you ever send a cold email or make a cold call? This is the world we want to live in. And so, does any competent sales leader”, commented Brendon Cassidy Co-founder at CoSell.

CoSell is already helping companies like Brex, Fivetran, and ON24 increase deal sizes, drive higher conversions, and close deals faster. The company will use this funding to increase the velocity of product development to build out its platform with innovative features to further solve the challenges of co-selling. “It’s a gamechanger for us”, said Brex CRO Sam Blond. “One of the biggest risks to growth and scale is can you scale demand with the growth of the company? We feel like CoSell is a strategic platform to help us do that.”