Corporate Visions Launches New Sales Engagement Services Solution for Expanding Inside Selling Teams

Corporate Visions Launches New Sales Engagement Services Solution for Expanding Inside Selling Teams

The rapid shift to digitally-enabled inside selling is fueling demand for automated customer touches (known as “cadences” or “sales plays”) driven by sales engagement platforms like SalesLoft and Xant.

Corporate Visions, the leading provider of B2B sales, marketing, and customer success training and consulting services, is launching a new set of Sales Engagement solutions to help companies set up these systems and populate them with the right messaging and content to maximize the return on their technology investment.

Corporate Visions’ new Sales Engagement Services offering includes implementation services to ensure the technology is installed and working properly and training to help your various teams know how to use the system effectively.

Most importantly and uniquely, Corporate Visions also provides services to develop customized Smart Cadences/Plays and Certified Cadences/Plays to help engage buyers and drive the desired results.

“Buying the technology will help you automate more consistent and persistent touches with prospects and customers. But technology alone won’t give you the right messaging, content assets, or essential skills training to make your investment successful,” said Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions.

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“We’ve done the research and testing to identify how you should communicate across the different parts of the Customer Deciding Journey. Whether it’s new customer acquisition, customer expansion, or renewals, only Corporate Visions has determined what will make your cadences/plays work best in each situation.”

Specifically, Corporate Visions’ new Sales Engagement Services align your marketing, sales, and customer success teams to develop and deploy cadences/plays that:

  • Attract more prospects to engage with your content
  • Get more prospects to meet with your sellers
  • Convert more prospects into new customers for you
  • Increase customer adoption and usage of your solution
  • Motivate existing customers to buy more from you
  • Convince subscription customers to renew and even pay more for you

“In the past, your sales process and related systems, such as CRM software, were often treated as a ‘suggestion’ by your field sales team. They might or might not have adopted the technology,” said Riesterer. “Moving forward, your sales processes will be automated and guided by the technology—which means your sales teams will be on a cadence, not on an expense account.

“This will be your chance to drive the consistency and persistency required to break through in a digital selling environment that’s being driven by your buyers—not your reps,” he added.

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