Conviva and The Trade Desk team up to improve contextual advertising for premium streaming publishers

Conviva and The Trade Desk team up to improve contextual advertising for premium streaming publishers

Conviva , the intelligent cloud for streaming media, and world leader in advertising technology The Trade Desk, have entered into a one-of-a-kind partnership to provide the streaming advertising industry with the necessary contextual content signals in the auction feed, to improve their signal-based connected TV campaigns and effectiveness. Together, the two companies will help premium publishers provide programmatic buyers with the network, genre, rating, length and other detailed data that the streaming industry sorely lacks, while maintaining control over the data. Details of the partnership, product offering, participating publishers and information on how premium publishers can participate and benefit will be available via a webinar in August.

According to Conviva’s State of Streaming Advertising report, released in June 2021, only 39% of buyers believe they have the data they need to effectively execute streaming advertising campaigns and only 8% of buyers believe that streaming content is a safe environment for them. their brand. The partnership between Conviva and The Trade Desk directly addresses these concerns and will allow The Trade Desk to be the first to offer its clients contextual streaming advertising, an industry first.

“The simple truth is that streaming advertising needs transparent contextual data, to continue to build trust in the channel,” said Keith Zubchevich, CEO of Conviva. “By integrating The Trade Desk and our premium publisher partners, we will help unlock multi-billion dollar streaming advertising opportunities and move the industry forward. Brands will have the detailed contextual data they need while publishers will remain in full control. It is beneficial for everyone. ”

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Conviva captures content metadata in real time, straight from premium publishers’ video player, making it the industry’s most trusted streaming content dataset. In particular, its proprietary Stream Sensor ™ technology currently embedded in 3.3 billion video streaming applications measures over 500 million unique viewers watching 180 billion streams per year with 2 trillion transactions in real time, per day, in more than 180 countries.

“Our goal is to provide as much data as possible to our advertising clients, while they plan and execute their digital media campaigns,” said Michelle Hulst, COO, The Trade Desk. “By partnering with Conviva to provide connected TV advertisers with even more data than is available on linear TV, we are opening up a new world of opportunity, while maintaining the control and guarantees that publishers and vendors want. brands. ”

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