Conviva and The Trade Desk partner to improve contextual advertising for premium streaming publishers

Conviva and The Trade Desk partner to improve contextual advertising for premium streaming publishers

Conviva , a provider of intelligence clouds for streaming media, and The Trade Desk , a leading global advertising technology company, are bid. We have entered into the industry’s first partnership to provide the streaming advertising industry with contextual content signals needed to improve connected TV campaigns based on signals and effects in Stream. The two companies will work together to help premium publishers provide programmatic advertisers with detailed data such as networks, genres, ratings, and lengths that are overwhelmingly lacking in the streaming industry while retaining data management rights. To do. Details on the partnership, product offerings, participating publishers, and how premium publishers can participate and benefit will be announced at the August webinar .

According to Conviva’s State of Streaming Advertising report , published in June 2021, we believe we have the data we need to effectively run our streaming advertising campaigns. Only 39% of advertisers feel that streaming content has a secure context for their brand. The partnership between Conviva and The Trade Desk addresses these concerns directly, allowing The Trade Desk to offer its customers the industry’s first streaming contextual advertising for the first time in the industry. Become.

Keith Zupchevic, CEO of Conviva, said: “The simple truth is that streaming ads need transparent contextual data to continue to build trust in our channels. The Trade Desk and our premium publishers • Integrating partners will help drive the industry forward by unlocking billions of dollars in streaming advertising, while providing the detailed contextual data needed by individual brands. Publishers continue to have full control. Everyone can expect win-win results. “

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Conviva captures real-time statistical content metadata directly from premium publisher video players, making it the industry’s most reliable streaming content dataset. Specifically, our unique technology, Stream Sensor ™, is currently embedded in 3.3 billion streaming video applications, with more than 500 million unique viewers watching 180 billion streams annually in more than 180 countries. Nearly 2 trillion real-time transactions occur every day.

Michelle Hulst, Chief Operating Officer of The Trade Desk, said: “Our goal is to provide as much data as possible to our advertising service customers who plan and execute digital media campaigns. In partnership with Conviva, it will be available to Connected TV advertisers on Linear TV. By providing even more data, we will open up a world of new opportunities while retaining the controls and safeguards required by publishers and brands. “

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