Moving forward into the new year, ContentWriters is transitioning its platform into a more straightforward, user-friendly solution to simplify project management for its customers who need high volumes of written content. Customers can manage all aspects of their project, communicate directly with all parties involved, organize, and track, all without leaving the platform. The approach, based on input and feedback from real customers, allows the team at ContentWriters to focus development on providing a better fit for its clients’ needs without inundating them with tools they don’t need.

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“This year, we came to the realization that customers were using our platform not just to order content but to manage projects. So it made sense for us to rethink our platform as a project management tool,” says Emily O’Connor, CEO  at ContentWriters. “We doubled our tech investment in 2019, rapidly growing our team of developers to build out a software platform similar to the same project management tools our users are accustomed to. The idea is to seamlessly fit into their lives and not make our platform another tool they have to learn. Our competitors tend to have confusing platforms with too many bells and whistles that steer users away from the initial goal, which is to create and manage high-quality content.”

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Working with and managing content can often be a headache, which is why every decision to improve the platform is informed by real customers. A dedicated approach to customer communication ensures development is based on requests and feedback directly from professionals who know exactly what they need and, sometimes more importantly, what they don’t. Through continuous improvement and listening intently to user feedback, ContentWriters aims to continue to provide high-quality, optimized content without breaking the bank or requiring users to learn a complicated new tool.

“Our customers use so many different tools in their work lives, that it can be burdensome to have to learn a new one. By keeping our content platform straightforward and user-friendly, we’re helping our clients do their jobs better without having to invest a ton of time learning a new tool for something as integrated into their jobs as content. Going back to the basics means keeping it simple,” adds O’Connor.

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