Compress UV Announces New Hybrid Inks for UV LED Printers


Compress UV Printers, A ColDesi brand, today announced new Hybrid Inks for their flagship UV printers.

The new inks combine the fast-cure UV ink technology, with the added flexibility and performance characteristics of traditional inks -without the VOC’s.  The Hybrid UV inks are designed to work on the widest selection of substrates with better performance.

Until now, UV operators had to choose one ink set or the other, or they had to purchase a second system to offer printing on a full selection of substrates.  But the new inks can reliably print on golf balls, baseballs, basketballs, and all sorts of items that require the ink to stretch and give.

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Traditional UV Inks were designed for printing on a rigid surfaces, and they dry rigid as well.  However, by formulating the Hybrid inks so that they can work on more flexible applications the overall durability is increased.

The Hybrid inks are also more scratch resistant, and there’s no additional curing time needed.  The UV LED lamps on the Compress iUV-600s and iUV-1200s is able to fast cure the Hybrid inks just as quickly as before.


  • Sports Equipment & Semi-Flexible Goods
  • Police & Firefighter Gear
  • Promotional Items
  • Leathorette & Pleathers
  • Semi-Flexible Signs.
  • And More…

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Hybrid UV inks allows easy entry into more UV markets by any business that currently customizes items for schools or athletic organizations.  The inks can handle the most demanding manufacturing application.

The profits UV printer owners can generate from Hybrid Ink applications are larger than normal while cost of rejects are also reduced.  The demand for Hybrid Ink is at an all-time high.

Compress is a leading brand of UV printers in the mid-format range with a print area of up to 44.8″ x 29.5″.  They also have a very generous 11.8″ print depth to handle all sorts of unique items, protypes, or sports equipment.

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