Complex Networks Partners With Bonsai To Launch The Complex SHOP, A Curated Marketplace That Seamlessly Blends Content And Commerce

Complex Networks

Complex Networks, a global lifestyle brand, and media company, and one of the most influential voices in popular culture, and Bonsai, the commerce platform for publishers, announced the launch of the Complex SHOP, an e-commerce destination that reimagines the existing mainstream marketplace by merging the brand’s voice with a highly-curated selection of products.

In a return to the brand’s ethos as the original buyer’s guide, Complex SHOP celebrates creatives by bringing the global community together through the marketplace with unexpected connections that influence and inform the world from fashion and streetwear to art and design. In partnership with Bonsai’s native checkout technology, the Complex SHOP is more than a transaction as it enables audiences to discover and purchase exclusive products that represent them and their lifestyles as they engage with Complex content, all without leaving the Complex SHOP experience.

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Complex Networks is engaging Bonsai for a holistic, end-to-end e-commerce solution. This includes a multi-year service relationship to operate and optimize the performance of the Complex SHOP. In addition to Complex’s collaborations and merchandise, Complex will now have access to the extensive network of integrations with brands and retailers Bonsai built in its previous iteration as a streetwear shopping and news app.

For Complex Networks, the platform provides an additional revenue stream to an already significant commerce business that is authentic to the brand and adds value for the audience. With ownership of the experience from inspiration to purchase, Complex can engage their customers’ interests while driving sales.

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“We’ve been laser-focused on continuing the diversification of our revenue streams, all of which have our strong brands and premium content at their core. Given our authority in the sneakers, streetwear, art and design space, expanding our commerce presence is one of our biggest growth opportunities,” said President of Complex Networks, Christian Baesler. “With the strengths of Bonsai’s technology, expertise, and retailer network, we’re confident the Complex SHOP will be loved by our existing supporters while also bringing in a new audience that celebrates creativity and the people, processes, and products that embody it.”

“Through this partnership, Bonsai and Complex are creating a model for publishers to transform their most engaging content into a native commerce experience,” said Bonsai founder and CEO, Saad Siddiqui. “We’re honored that Complex has chosen our solution to the industry’s shifting revenue model to power their flagship experience.”

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