CommScope Turns to Impartner PRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Rapid Digital Transformation

CommScope , PRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 , Digital Transformation , Direct and Indirect Sales Management

Digital transformation is the phrase on every corporation’s lips, defined by “fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.” When network infrastructure giant CommScope set out to transform its go-to-market technology that manages their direct and indirect sales in a compressed time period – they turned to the proven, powerful integration of Impartner’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology.\

“We may be a bit unique, in that we decided to do a full CRM transition into Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the same time that we built our partner portal with Impartner and it was critical both solutions integrated well,” said Melanie Zevenbergen, VP of sales and channel enablement with CommScope, as she broke down the transformation in a new Impartner video case study was released now. “From the start, we had to put a lot of trust in both Impartner and Microsoft, and we had to trust that they were going to work together extremely well with us, or we were never going to make the go-live date.”

In rebuilding the company’s portal, the objective was to move from a home-grown portal with custom code to an out-of-the-box solution which made it easy to scale and deliver an agile, customized, personalized experience to partners without a lot of work, energy and time.  “Our partners play a critical role in bringing our solutions to life, and for many of our partners around the world, our partner portal is the face of CommScope and is key to our ability to facilitate the process and build relationships,” said Zevenbergen.  “Impartner rose to the top in the vetting process as both one of the most highly recommended solutions but also the one, in competitive analysis, that best met the current and future needs of CommScope.”  Following are the key benefits since launching the new portal:

  • The dramatic increase in portal usage
  • Much improved user experience
  • Dynamic dashboards with just-in-time information and relevant information for partners
  • Customized news feeds for partners based on user profile and organization
  • Social media amplification tools that make it easy for partners to share CommScope messaging

The development process, said Zevenbergen, was also positive. “We worked together right from the start to make sure that our CRM implementation was hand in hand with our Impartner build. We connected with the Impartner team from day one. You would join conference calls and it felt like a big family. We laughed a lot, but we also worked really hard. You don’t see that very often in space. Those are the kinds of people you want to get in the trenches with when you’re doing a project like this. And I was amazed that we were able to do what we did. I know that Impartner is here for us today, and I know that Impartner will be there for us tomorrow.”