CMG Holding Group CEO Buys Company Stock on the Open Market

CMG Holding Group CEO Buys Company Stock on the Open Market

CMG Holding Group, Inc., (OTC: CMGO) today said Glenn B. Laken, CEO, today filed a Form 4 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to announce his purchase of 1,423,000 common shares of CMGO on the open market.

Mr. Laken now owns 14,185,850 common shares of CMGO.

“I made the purchase because I believe in the Company, its achievements and its future. I hope that investors will take note on how much management believes in CMG Holding Group’s potential,” Mr. Laken said.

“I would also like to announce that we have retained E&E Communications to assist our investor relations program, including finding new investors,” CMG Holding Group’s CEO said.

“E&E has assisted numerous public companies all over the world and we look forward to their ability to tell the CMGO story to potential shareholders.”

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“We are excited to assist this excellent Company.  We note that CMG Holdings in 2020 also carried out a stock repurchase program.  A Company that cares about its shareholders, and has an excellent story to tell, truly helps our efforts,” said Paul Knopick of E&E Communications.

“We would urge our investors to contact E&E with their questions and to be placed on an e-mail list for further information about CMG Holdings,” Mr. Laken said.

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