ClutchAnalytics® announced 8,000 independent agents in Florida and Texas are now live on “insurestation™”, a digital distribution platform providing these agents with the ability to convert leads, connect with existing customers and new prospects and manage policies written by Windhaven® Insurance and The Hearth Insurance Group™.

The insurestation™ digital distribution platform features a Leads Center, where agents can close prospects for Windhaven® Insurance and The Hearth Insurance Group™ for leads generated from their own websites or free leads they receive from these brands, as well as potential clients derived from their third-party raters. It also seamlessly connects to the legacy Policy Management application(s) and includes a “scoreboard” notifying agents to take important actions, such as addressing pending payments and cancellations. Additionally, insurestation™ includes a marketplace and a third-party rater integration function where agents, with a few simple “clicks,” can cross-sell an assortment of ancillary products, such as Roadside Assistance, Travel Club AD&D, Auto Refinance and other special “add-ons” based on application programming interface (API) data.

“Sophisticated technology is changing the way insurance agents conduct business; yet, the customer remains at the core of this evolution,” said Jimmy Whited, CEO of Windhaven® Insurance and The Hearth Insurance Group™. “We love how insurestation™ connects independent agents to the leads they receive from clutchinsurance® and The Hearth — to speed the conversion of a digital lead shopping online, to converting them with a local agent down the street.”

Whited said insurestation™ is already providing new benefits to agents who were seeking a digital force to consolidate operations and manage and grow their businesses within a single ecosystem.

“We couldn’t be happier with this technology and the increased share of the wallet it delivers to our agents,” said Whited.