CloutHub® just did what no other social media platform has ever done by adding a Blue Room for Democrats and a Red Room for conservatives to discuss issues with like-minded people. Meanwhile, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram continue to face accusations of manipulating content by filtering trends, shadow banning users and de-platforming content creators.

CloutHub’s original public timeline is still available for users who want to share non-political content or to debate.

“On CloutHub there is a place for everybody! It’s that simple,” said Jeff Brain, Founder & CEO of CloutHub. “The world doesn’t need another red or blue platform. That will just further divide us as a society. We need a platform where people of diverse backgrounds and opinions can come and work together to address the issues that matter to them.”

Blogger and podcaster Wayne Dupree said that CloutHub® is “Twitter on Steroids” and told his Twitter followers “I told you this new awesome platform isn’t an echo chamber… it’s a new platform with huge upside!”