cloudHQ Launches Free Polls and Surveys for Gmail

cloudHQ Launches Free Polls and Surveys for Gmail (1)

cloudHQ, an email management company based out of San Francisco, California, just launched a new product called Gmail Free Online Polls & Surveys by cloudHQ. This new service lets anyone using Gmail embed a poll or a survey directly in their email—which, according to their latest study, increases email response rates by 32%.

We asked cloudHQ’s CEO, Senad Dizdar, what made him want to take this direction. He responded:

“We noticed a need for customer feedback. And whether that feedback is needed by customer service departments or by marketers and sales professionals, there is a need for a tool—something engaging and simple—for collecting that feedback.

“While most companies have already figured out how to get decent email open rates with witty subject lines, data shows that most email recipients who open their emails do not respond or do anything more than read their email. And that, in my opinion, is a failed email campaign. When you communicate with your customers, you want them engaged: you want them clicking on your links and multimedia.

“That’s why we created this simple way to embed free online polls and surveys; and when we did, we noticed a 32% uptick in response rates. Polls are fun, they’re interactive, and most importantly, they let customers know they matter. Honestly,” explained Dizdar, “any company would be a fool not to use them.”

Gmail Free Online Polls & Surveys by cloudHQ is free for anyone to use. And, with their arsenal of over 70 free email management Chrome extensions, cloudHQ is clearly positioning itself as a crucial service for small-to medium-sized business owners on a global scale.