CloudEngage Deploys Major New Enhancements to Chord Chat

CloudEngage, Chord Chat

CloudEngage, the world’s most intuitive web personalization platform, has announced significant enhancements to the Chord chat system.

“Because our chat offering is integrated into the broader CloudEngage personalization ecosystem, we’re able to pass a great deal of useful consumer behavioral information to partners using our Chord product,” said Paul Wagner, CloudEngage CEO. “These new enhancements to Chord allow us to distribute these useful insights immediately to both chat agents and CRM platforms with ease. Visitor interests, dislikes, products viewed, regional geolocation, and historical on-site data are all part of the available mix, making Chord a truly unique offering,” added Wagner.

An easier way to review chat interactions

“We looked at how we might deploy a clean-sheet approach to chat. A common complaint about competing for chat systems was the user experience, both for web visitors and agents. We believe we’ve deployed the most efficient and user-friendly live chat system available. This includes our new approach to chat interaction review and transcripts,” said Scott Rozic, CloudEngage Chief Growth Officer.

Chord differentiators

Chord provides a unique co-browsing experience between web visitors and chat agents. The CloudEngage chat interface is nested on-site for both parties to a chat. This allows for a unique collaboration and greatly enhanced web and mobile visitor satisfaction. A chord is also capable of personalizing a visitor’s web experience in real-time and on subsequent visits. No other platform can combine chat with real-time web personalization based on a visitor’s conversational history.