ClearSale and BigCommerce Partner to Prepare E-Commerce Merchants for the Holidays

ClearSale and BigCommerce Partner to Prepare E-Commerce Merchants for the Holidays

Fraud protection leader joins e-commerce platform powerhouse to help merchants accentuate customer experience while preventing fraud this season

Global fraud protection leader, ClearSale, announced today a new webinar in partnership with major e-commerce solution provider, BigCommerce. The free webinar, ‘Tis the Season for Fraud: How e-commerce merchants can balance fraud prevention and customer experience this holiday shopping season, is geared to help online merchants prepare for the 2020 holiday season and will be held live on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, at 2:00 PM ET.

The global pandemic has completely changed the way consumers use e-commerce. Online merchants have already seen record growth, and this holiday season is likely to be unprecedented in volume. That volume increase will come with a surge in card-not-present fraud and false declines. With almost 40% of shoppers saying they’ll never shop again with a merchant that declines their purchase, online retailers have a lot to lose from poor customer experience and false declines. In this webinar, experts from both companies will provide actionable insights on how to provide the best customer experience during this unique holiday season.

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“Seamless online shopping experiences are key to customer engagement and loyalty,” explained Beatriz Estay, Content Marketing Specialist from BigCommerce, and webinar co-host, “but without the right systems in place, merchants could be scrambling to just keep up with sales this year. The time to prepare for what is bound to be an unprecedented holiday season is now.”

Denise Purtzer, ClearSale’s VP of Partnerships and webinar co-host, added, “Fraud plays a critical role in how consumers view their purchase experience with a brand. First-time e-commerce shoppers can experience higher than average false declines because they don’t have a purchase history to compare. Fraudulent charges are damaging to a merchant, but many are surprised to hear that false declines are even more damaging. We want to help online retailers walk the line between not declining valid purchases and blocking fraudulent ones.”