Cleanwatts Welcomes Soma Demeny as VP of HR


Cleanwatts, a leading climate technology company committed to simplifying, amplifying and accelerating the energy transition for communities around the world, introduces Soma Demeny as VP of HR, who will be responsible for for the management of our employees, who are our greatest asset .

Soma Demeny started his career at Deutsche Telekom and then spent 17 years at General Electric (GE) leading human resources teams in the finance, digital and corporate divisions. Soma Demeny’s international career has focused on helping service and manufacturing companies scale, grow and adapt to change through the implementation of world-class human resources infrastructure and best practices. More recently, Soma Demeny has devoted much of his time and expertise to helping smaller mid-market companies re-align and adapt to change.

Soma Demeny studied business administration and human resources management and is a graduate of GE’s renowned Human Resources Leadership Program. Demeny is Hungarian and has lived in the UK, Austria and South America. His character traits are curiosity, agility, creativity and fun. As a father of two and a cultural ambassador for the company, this remains a key philosophy for him.

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When asked why he came to Cleanwatts, his succinct answer was: “Who wouldn’t want to help change the world?”

With the appointment of Soma Demeny, Cleanwatts has made another important decision in recent months. It underscores Cleanwatts’ commitment to building a healthy, vibrant and talented organization that can keep up with the speed of the market. Michael Pinto, Cleanwatts co-founder and CEO, describes Soma Demeny as “a world-class people leader, a multi-directional thinker who connects with people very easily through her critical thinking, emotional intelligence and clear communication style.”

Soma Demeny will be responsible for developing and driving the company’s people strategy. This includes recruitment and employee retention programs, evaluating and improving the company’s value proposition to its employees, training and development plans, and creating a safe workplace and a healthy and inspiring culture as the company continues its work to build a clean energy world decentralized, digitized and democratized.

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