CleanChoice Energy Uses Twilio Segment to Power Data Hub

CleanChoice Energy, a cleantech company that empowers people and businesses to access climate solutions, is using Twilio Segment, the world’s leading customer data platform (CDP), to power their data hub and scale marketing and personalization efforts. Segment ensures CleanChoice’s data strategy and platform are flexible and ready to tackle customers’ continuously evolving needs while respecting user privacy with first-party data. Improved understanding of customers allows CleanChoice to expand access to climate solutions and speed the clean energy transition.

“Segment is a central piece of our data infrastructure that can grow with us, allowing us to work smarter, not harder. Data-driven customer insights translate to helping more customers be more sustainable. We maximize our ability to innovate at pace with this rich data at our fingertips,” said Tom Matzzie, Founder and CEO of CleanChoice Energy. “Properly utilizing customer data and insights is critical to speeding the clean energy transition.”

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“Segment strives to build and promote data tools that can help our partners make the world a better place—and climate change is an issue that impacts everyone,” said Katrina Wong, VP of Marketing at Twilio Segment. “It’s exciting to be working with CleanChoice Energy to scale their marketing and personalization efforts to better match consumers with climate solutions.”

Achieving the scale and pace of clean energy growth necessary to avoid the worst impacts of climate change requires the leading marketing technology solutions. Despite the reductions in clean energy hardware costs over the last decade, soft costs, including customer acquisition, have remained stubbornly high. Utilizing best-in-class marketing technology can be the key to reducing the overall cost of climate solutions. With Segment, CleanChoice Energy is leveraging deeper insights to better inform customers of solutions that work.

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