CJIS GROUP and Power Almanac Announce Strategic Partnership


CJIS GROUP and Power Almanac announced a strategic partnership that creates a powerful new tool for technology vendors focusing on the state and local government (SLED) market. This new product, CJIS Premier Plus, combines the pre-procurement market intelligence of CJIS GROUP with Power Almanac, the most comprehensive, up-to-date database of key decision-makers in local government. CJIS Premier Plus is available immediately from CJIS GROUP.

Tech Intelligence Over Market Reports to Drive Smart Marketing and Planning

“With many information technology purchase decisions being made outside of the IT department, SLED technology marketers need to market to the leaders, influencers, and decision-makers of operating agencies. Power Almanac’s database of over 240,000 local government decision-makers is an extremely effective tool to target the right role in the right agency in the right type of jurisdiction,” remarked David Heinemann, CEO of CJIS GROUP.

Dynamic Creative Optimization for Managing Marketing Campaign Performance

“Beyond having the largest, freshest, and most accurate list of local government officials, Power Almanac enables its clients to target precisely the right decision-makers due to our proprietary approach of organizing government officials by role (rather than unreliable titles). We are delighted to partner with CJIS GROUP enabling us to expand our reach in the information technology vendor market,” said Ron Mester, CEO of Power Almanac.

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